Saturday Night 6 pm 675 College Drive Batavia, Ohio 45103  Abesentee viewing between hours of 9 am
and 5 pm Tuesday through Friday.

Coins: 1900  $5.00 gold piece,  2017  .25 oz gold piece in bezel, Carsomn City 1884 silver dollar proof, 1897 Morgan, 1921 D morgan, 1890 O
morgan, 1899 O Morgan, 1885 Morgan, 1885 Morgan, 19212 Morgan, 1921 morgan siolver dollars..  (3) 2016 silver dollars, 2015 Indian head silver
oz. Hong King 4.0 oz silver bar,
Proof sets: 1955(2), 1976, 1975, 1980, 1965, 1970, 1964, $2 silver certificate paper money, first day stamps, 1923 peace dollars(2)  plus other
commemorative coins.

various ammo styles, .22 .380, shot gun shells, numerous different hoksters and ammo cases, Larcin .380 pistol in chrome with soft case,

Russell Weright doshes, tools, rolltop desk, vintage electronics and camera items, tool workbench, costume jewelery and so much more
we have several nice loads of merchandise coming in this week.
1900 $5.0 Gold coin

                      2017 Gold coin in bezel
Carson City 1884
Fishing pole combos, crossbows, neon guitar sign, brand new back flow
water valves, tools both power and hand  . we are recieving more items
daily  many items wont be pictured, come see us Saturday Night at 6
doors open at 5 pm